Celebrate your Femininity


Dance & Tantra

Celebrate your Femininity

Belly dance course with tantric elements


Do you want to say Yes! to the vibrant life force that runs through your body? Come dance with us and work on this energy together with other women. On the 14th of May 2018, Josephine will start a new course that combines dance and tantric exercises.


What does the workshop contain exactly?

De class includes yoga postures, tantric exercises, basic movements of belly dance and improvisations to music.


Josephine: “Tantra helps stabilize your life. It restores the relationship with yourself and with others. Tantra allows you to connect with a deep inner richness. Dance is a wonderful tool with which you can awaken the life energy within yourself.



You really don’t want to miss this workshop. Why?

Because dancing helps you get into the present moment and it lightens your life. We will dance together to energize and stabilize the body, also do some tantric exercises that will provide a better understanding of yourself. You will notice that dancing really helps you get inside of your body, which will increase the flow of your feminine energy.



Josephine Jansen was educated at the Amsterdam University of the Arts to become a dancer and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Choreography. After years of experience as a dance performer and a dance teacher, she enrolled at the Soul Institute to become a Women’s Soul Coach.

Josephine’s new course combines tantric techniques, dance movements and dance improvisations from all corners of the world, such as African dance, (Fusion) Belly Dance and modern dance.

Josephine teaches in her dance studio Studio Luce in the Volkshotel. She added tantra to her dance classes after a two-year training to become a Women’s Soul Coach.


Josephine developed her belly dance routine from classical belly dance up to Fusion belly dance, and then to a combination of belly dance and tantra. Josephine uses Middle Eastern music as well as contemporary music styles, which can be invigorating at times but also calm and supportive.


The lessons are easy to follow and take place in a safe environment. We will work on different muscle groups to increase endurance. The yoga exercises during the warming up will generate flexibility and strength.

You will learn the basics of belly dancing and realize short choreographies.

The dancing will feed your soul: you will enjoy yourself, develop good body awareness and become

firmly grounded.


What to wear: bring loose-fitting garments to wear and a shawl (with coins) to wear on your hips.


Josephine attended several classes and workshops, for example: Anasma, Cera Byer, Tjarda (The Uzumé), Kaouthar, Wendy Buonaventura, and many others.


You will experience your femininity and the power of your own energy.


The studio is located in the Volkshotel. To get to the studio: Josephine will pick you up at

19:15 in the lobby of the hotel, on the right side of the main entrance, near a small couch with some chairs and a coffee table. Be on time so that you have time to change and so that we can begin the class on time.



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Monday evenings: 19:30-20:45



8 classes: € 80

trial lesson: € 8

single lesson: € 12


Data 2018:


May 14 & 28

June 4, 11, 18 & 25

July 2 & 9 July


September 3, 10, 17 & 24

October1, 8, 15 & 29



You can take a trial class before signing up for the entire course.

You can also take a trial class on any another Monday and sign up for the course if there still is space.


Sign up:

Send an email with your name, address and telephone number to Josephine:




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