Josephine Jansen


Over 15 years of experience



I am Josephine Jansen. After my education in modern dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (New Dance Development), I was drawn to belly dancing. To me, belly dance is a very natural way of dancing. The pelvic area - the core that plays a key role in dancing - is the area where the energy from the universe and the earth come together. Dancing is fun and causes body awareness and a solid grounding, allowing you express your emotions and feel comfortable in your own skin.


As a result of the many courses at The Soul Institute, my classes today include tantric exercises. These energy exercises will help you become more balanced as a whole.


I teach the course ‘Celebrate your Femininity’ in my studio in the Volkshotel: Studio Luce.


I combine different music styles in my belly dance classes with tantric exercises and in my choreographies, for example traditional Arabic but also modern Arabic music (Natasha Atlas), contemporary Western music such as Fever Ray, Gabby Young & Other Animals and many other musicians that inspire me.




Shimmy Shake Festival


Josephine heeft in het Next Level traject van

Lite Site van de Shimmy Shake een solo gemaakt. Deze is tijdens het Shimmy Shake Festival in november 2014 in Rotterdam gepresenteerd.

Ladies of the Lake


Josephine maakte voorheen deel uit van

bellydance duo Ladies of the Lake samen met Annemijn de Kort. Gestart in nov. 2011.

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